• 1. Book an appointment for us to inspect your items

    We do a preliminary analysis before sending off your items to our pricing team!

  • 2. We take care of the selling

    Sit back and relax while we take care of selling your items in-store and online.

  • 3. You are rewarded

    Once your item sells, you get paid! It's that easy.

What items are we looking for?

Frequently asked questions

What brands do you take?

We seek brands and styles that are in-trend right now. We have a list of brands that we are looking for, but we welcome and love hearing about new brands!

How does pricing work?

We do not set prices upon the time of your appointment of the merchandise and our appraisal process follows the order of drop-off times.  

Our pricing strategy is based on various factors including item conditions, brand, current trends, and a thorough market and inventory analysis.

Consignors receive proposed pricing via email.

How will I get paid?

Consignors can choose between one of two ways:

  1. Store credit: earn 50% commission on the selling price of each item.
  2. Check: Receive 40% commission on clothing, shoes, and accessories, and 50% on designer handbags and fine jewelry.

Commissions are credited immediately upon sale and accrued for the calendar month.  

When do markdowns occur?

For the first three months from price determination,  items may be discounted for any reason by up to 20%.

After three months, unsold merchandise goes through the following markdowns: 30%, 65%, and 80%.

How can I pick up one of my items that didn't sell?

If you would like to reclaim unsold merchandise, please send us a written request.

Please allow a 48 hour window (Mon-Thu) for us to respond to you. As soon as we see your email, we will start pulling all of your items for the return. Note, you cannot request a partial return.

Please note if you do not send the request within the three month period from pricing,  we cannot guarantee that your merchandise has not been sold with a discount or been donated.  

What is your rescheduling and cancellation policy?

For all bookings: We require credit card information for in-store appointments, with a $1.00 fee.  

We reserve the right to charge  $50 non-refundable fee for missed appointments.

You can reschedule or cancel up to 48 hours before your scheduled time.

Where should I direct further questions?

For further questions about the consignment process and an account update, please email info@consignmentbrooklyn.com

For further questions about pricing, please email consign@consignmentbrooklyn.com

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