Important Information Before Your Appointment


  • STORE CREDIT: (RECOMMENDED FOR UP TO 10 ITEMS) - Store credit allows the consignor to receive 50% commission on the selling price of each item.  Sales commission is credited to the consignor’s account immediately upon the sale of an item. With store credit, the consignor’s commission funds continue to accumulate with every sale until redeemed towards a purchase. Store credit does not expire, but can only be applied to an in-store purchase or a purchase coordinated by phone or e-mail through a CBK staff member. 


  • MAILED CHECK: Check payment allows the consignor to receive 40% commission on the selling price of all clothing, shoes, and accessories, and 50% commission on the selling price of all handbags and jewelry.  Commission funds are immediately credited to the consignor’s account upon a sale and accumulate with any additional sales over the course of that current selling month. A $5.00 printing and processing fee is debited from the consignor’s monthly balance. Checks are mailed out between the 15th and the last day of the month.
    To help facilitate the consistent movement of merchandise, please note that markdowns occur incrementally and over time for any unsold merchandise (excluding jewelry). Every consignor has a three-month full price selling window, after which markdowns start at 30% OFF and move incrementally up to 80% OFF. (If you have questions about this policy please email
    Consignors are always welcome to reclaim their items at any point by submitting an e-mail request to Please allow 72 hours from the time of your request for pick up.