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Mama’s Day is always something special for Eva + Charlie. They wake up late, chill, make a light breakfast (smoothies) then walk the NYC streets, maybe hit the swings for Charlie and a cool flower shop for Eva ❣️

CBK had the pleasure of getting together with some of our bestest mom buddies and asked them what the perfect day was for them...


Mandy and Ephram: Going for walks in the park.
Nicole, Max, Arlo and Finn: Bike rides in the park.
Sarah and Olive: Cook, shop and listen to music.
 Erika, Anabella and Alexander: Hike, garden and play cards.
 Sharon and Madeline: Sing Abba and look for kitties.
Ellie and Marni Faith (arriving in July): walk outside, swim and shop, soon! 
Erika, Vivyana and Theadora: Go on vacation, shop and listen to music.
Veronica and Lennon: Make up new songs and dances! 
Happy Mother's Day!!
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