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Q: Hi Darren! Thanks so much for chatting with us today. For those who don’t know you, tell us about yourself!
A: Hey Guys! Excuse me, I always feel like I’m on a date whenever I get asked this question (haha), but here we go…
My name is Darren Graham and I’m from a small island in the Caribbean - Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. I’m 33 years SUPER YOUNG, an only-boy of three, and believe it or not I am the middle child (haha). I grew up in the Clinton Hill neighborhood of Brooklyn. I did all of my schooling in Brooklyn, and I plan on stationing my business in Brooklyn as well. I’m extremely obsessed with jewelry, fashion and beauty (but only the unusual side of beauty).

Q: Your Instagram feed reads modern and dapper, while each outfit pins “effortlessly cool.” Where have you found sartorial inspiration while staying at home this past year?
A: Oh wow! Thank you so much. I would call my outfits moody to be honest, but I’ll take “effortlessly cool” any day. The mood I’m in when I wake up is my #1 inspiration. I then factor in things such as the sounds around me, the aroma when I open my windows, and the way my coffee tastes (haha). Colors also play an important part in my selection process; I have to feel connected to the color of the day. Funny enough, even music inspires me.
Q: We love that you are a Boerum Hill local! Aside from some retail therapy at CBK, what are your go-to neighborhood spots?
Q: Your jewelry game is on-point; any accessorizing tips or brand recs for those looking to take their look to the next level?
A: OHHH thank you!!! My two pieces of advice are: PUT THEM ALL ON and MIX METALS!
Q: On your podcast, “Spicy Mango Talk,” you address real-life issues with a refreshing infusion of wisdom and grounding energy. What encouraged you to start podcasting, and who would be your dream guest feature? Are there any other podcasts you like to listen to regularly?
A: SPICY MANGO TALK!!!!!!! Here we go!
I started my podcast at the beginning of the Pandemic as a way to just talk. I wanted to talk to people that weren’t afraid to tune into a channel that isn’t for judgmental/scary mindsets. I use this specific platform to speak my mind on topics that people are usually skeptical about, such as relationships, mental health, cheating, LGBTQ+, sex, etc;
I would really love to have Wendy Williams, Rihanna, Barack Obama and Michelle Obama as guests on my show.
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