The Conversation with Arielle Kebbel

The Conversation with Arielle Kebbel

Q: What does the concept of sustainability mean to you personally, and as a member of today’s society?
Sustainability to me means slowing down and making conscious choices to put our environment first over our fast paced ‘needs/demands.’

Q: Have you always been partial to shopping vintage and secondhand? Was your appreciation for sustainability inspired by something particular in your life?
Both! As a child, my mom would find great antique, vintage and second hand shops and drag me and my sister inside. Sometimes I wanted to go, sometimes I didn’t… but I always found a gem. It was so exciting to me, finding treasure buried beneath other items, waiting for me to come along and give it a home. To date, I still feel that excitement when I go into a store and find a piece that feels like it was meant for me. I now know, buying second hand helps lower my carbon footprint and supports local businesses. It’s a win for everyone- even that new vintage piece!


Q: Pre-loved fashion continues to rise in popularity as younger shoppers learn the value of giving high-quality, one-of-a-kind pieces a second life. Do you have any tips or words of wisdom to share with someone who may be just starting out on their sustainable shopping journey?
Be proud to wear your favorite look more than once and accessorize them differently! Try a blazer, a cartigan , a pull over sweater, or even a belt or broach to change up the look. As an actress I was always “warned” to “never be caught in the same outfit twice.” now, I embrace recycling my outfits and I get excited about the creative process of playing in my own closet.

Q: You are a loyal and loveable cbk shopper! Any other favorite, go-to sources for sustainable and secondhand items?
Every store on your block, on atlantic ave. And I’ve recently become an ambassador with christy dawn. They’re not second hand but they go a step beyond sustainability with their regenerative farming. I love learning more about what they do and how I can support their process. I really hope more clothing companies will follow their lead. You can use my link to learn more.

Q: Packing for a summertime adventure can be a daunting task – especially when you can’t be sure where your travels may take you! Any foolproof summer stapes you never take a trip without?
Burts bees chapstick. Bare minerals tinted moisturizer shade desert 6.5 with spf 40. R.E.D.D vegan, gluten free protein bars for on the go. Organic tampons. My crystals, I never travel with out them and my journal.

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