A Conversation with Victoria Sullivan

A Conversation with Victoria Sullivan

This week, we caught up with British Brooklynite Victoria Sullivan of Mrs. Sullivan Interiors to chat motherhood, sustainable fashion, and mindful living in our new world.


Hi Victoria! Tell us a little bit about yourself! What drew you to Consignment Brooklyn for the first time, and what encouraged you to come back?

I am a British mum to two fantastic kids - Charlie (16) & Florence (19), and three rescue Persian cats. I’ve been living in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn for 16 years!
I turned 50 this past April and had to postpone the party. I actually had an incredible birthday from home with my family, along with a super surprise where all my friends and family from around the world sent me messages in a video I will treasure forever. I then Zoom partied all day with six groups of awesome, amazing friends from different time zones. 
The real party will happen, and I feel better & fitter than ever!
I was probably drawn to CBK by the stunning window displays. Then of course, once inside the “Aladdin's Den” of magic, I got to know the super staff and Eva, who has become a great friend. I usually stop by once a week to see what exquisite things have arrived as the turnover is always changing. CBK is my Barney’s or Bergdorf’s…everything here is beautifully curated, on-trend & immaculate...and it’s all under one roof - shoes, clothes & jewelry at great prices. You are always made to feel really welcome here and the sale parties are amazing. I really don’t shop anywhere else. Thank heavens for Eva and the CBK girls that keep me happy & looking great! 


What are your thoughts on staying sartorially current with regard to environmental consciousness? 

I’ve bought vintage & secondhand clothes most of my life. I used to love to follow fashion, but now I know what suits me, and I’ll add a print to my mono-tone all-black/cream/beige or khaki look. Thank goodness animal prints are still in! Buying consignment wins in every way! It’s discovering a Find, a jewel amongst others, and also when it comes to interior decor. Brooklynites are the best at recycling everything. Now it’s more important than ever.



We absolutely love your style, your energy, and your vibe! How do you manage being a mom, having a business AND keeping stylish and sane?

Why thank you CBK!! I’m usually running around Staging homes to sell in NYC or interior designing. Kundalini Meditation keeps me sane. I’ve always worked from home and am able to multitask on my bike. A hat, a printed scarf or a big necklace is fast to throw on when meeting a client or realtor. 

 What’s your coolest CBK score?

Oh my !!????? That is actually very difficult as I have so many great scores. Guiseppe Zanotti khaki canvas strappy high heels, Rag & Bone yellow sandals (pictured), leopard ankle boots by Tabitha Simmons, Isabel Marant beige jumpsuit (one of too many) and probably the brown Yves Saint Laurent handbag that’s a work of art. 

Any tips for looking and feeling cute while staying at home this spring? 

Well I’ve always been a DIY (do it yourself) girl - from nails to the needle (sewing). I have started getting my summer clothes out which is quite exciting. Seeing what fits, and what I’ll never wear again. I love to look at a piece and see if I can make it go further, or my daughter might even like something!
Most Kimonos are extremely long, so I choose ones that aren’t too special and cut the long length off. Then I wear them a lot more around the house, or anytime really. You can just throw them over an old tshirt when you have a virtual meeting & have to look presentable fast. You can use the leftover fabric for masks or cushions. 
Chop your trousers & make them into shorts, or cut off the sleeves of a t-shirt and slash the middle of the neck to make it look sexier. 
I like to make a little effort to look somewhat good. A bit of mascara and some Milk Lip+ Cheek Tint. I add some Deciem Glow Booster at night in The Ordinary regime. A light spray of Annick Goutal or Diptyque can get the senses going again….reminders of occasions & holidays.  
xx  Victoria
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